“Symphonic Sketch” – music for symphonic orchestra

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition

In 2020 I have been composing a classical “symphonic sketch” in the form of a sonata for 40 player orchestra. It´s a four-part work for piccolo flute, flute in C 2X, clarinet in B 3X, oboe in C, bassoon in A 3X, French horn in C 3X, trumpet in C 2 Oct, trombone in C 3X, Harp, piano, violin 1 8X, violin 2 6X, viola 3X, violincello 3X, contrabass, gran casa, cymbal. Duration: 16:33 min.

The musical moods move from heroically moved to exhilarated and joyful to epic and melancholy. The symphomic sketch contains 5 pieces with two classic main themes: introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation, coda as well as various transitions. Musically, it is based on classical composers, but also contains modern elements.

Auditory impression

Scores / Partitur sample

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition