Sinfonietta for string orchestra, clarinet and flute – Passion in a terrible time

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition

The piece was composed in the January/February 2022 under the impression of the long-lasting pandemic and the new frightening Eastern European state-terrorist aggressions for which there is no excuse. Which cause unspeakable suffering and destruction in Ukraine.
We perceive a world in obvious flux. Many certainties are being questioned, many uncertainties are emerging. A world supposedly peaceful in our radius is rapidly changing within days …

martin lotz composer

The work is a classical orchestral composition (9 min, 116 bars) for string orchestra, flute and clarinet:

  • Flute
  • clarinet
  • violins 1-3
  • viola 1-2
  • violoncello 1-3
  • bass

Temporally, the piece is divided into three parts: a short introduction, a clearly positive-optimistic middle section, and a rather sad-pessimistic final section. There is a high tempo variation from Grave to Andante, with the emphasis on Largo/Larghetto. The meter is mostly 4/4 and to a lesser extent 7/4.

Frequent use is made within the major/minor tonality of Maj7/11/13 chords, augmented triads, chord additions, sus- and omit-chord progressions to create tension and liveliness.

Full score and single player sheet music are available upon request here.

Link to video

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition