Performance of “Sinfonietta for Stringquintett – Disput” on the “International Piano Competition & Festival MozArte 2022” in Aachen

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition

I am happy to announce that my work “Sinfonietta for string quintet – Disput” was premiered at the festival “International Piano Competition & Festival MozArte 2022 on September 09, 2022.

Many thanks to the organizers of the “International Piano Competition & Festival MozArte 2022” and to the “Festival Strings”, the players of the concert.

“Sinfonietta for string quintet – Disput”, September 9th 2022, Mozarte Festival 2022, Aachen:

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The piece “Sinfonietta for string quintet” with 2 violins, viola, cello and bass was written before the impression of two significant global crises. While there were at least signals of an end to one crisis in the spring of 2022, another was looming. The emotional reaction to this is expressed, among other things, by the division of the piece into two parts and the slow tempo between “grave” / “lento” and maximum “andantino”.
The work begins with an ascending slow chord progression in which dynamics gradually gain space and cello and violin enter soloistically. Harmonic focal points are found in the middle of the piece, where hope is initially expressed, but subsequently pessimism sets in, representing a strong harmonic break.
To gain expressiveness, the composition makes use of extended, shifted, and augmented chords, among other things, as well as chromatic alternations. Harmony is of great importance, and the work exhibits a high harmonic density. At the same time, the character of this – in contrast to the meter – is rather unstable, gliding, little consolidated, constantly in motion. New things happen frequently. Stability and continuity are expressed by the mostly used time signature 4/4, which is temporarily interrupted by 5/4 and 7/4 measures.
The piece ends with a ritardando finale that brings the solo players together and spreads a rather hopeful mood.

Martin Lotz | Classic music composition